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[Pre-Order] Animester 1/12 White Dragon Knight Galahad Model Kit

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Theme Mecha Girl Category Model Kit Brand Animester Franchise Original Mecha Girl Size / Scale 1/12 Availability Sold Out

Animester 1/12 White Dragon Knight Galahad Model Kit


Material: ABS

Scale: 1/12


Estimated Releasing Date: 2nd Quarter of 2024

Animester 1/12 White Dragon Knight Galahad Model Kit
Pictures updated.

Stay updated with the latest toy news. Animester has released the latest review of the Dragon Knight Galahad. Let's evaluate its performance through official photos!


▼ The version photographed below is not the optimized version, but there are not many changes in the gameplay and functions, so it can serve as a reference for comparison. As the first assembly mecha girl "1/12 White Dragon Knight Galahad" produced by Nuclear Gold Reconstruction, I believe the final product will be even more satisfactory after this optimization adjustment! 

▼ Overview of the outer box, sprues, and accessories

▼ The outer box features a photo of the model, which is the usual style of Nuclear Gold Reconstruction.

▼ There are a total of 25 sprues (26 including the bonus light wings). The main material of the sprues is semi-gloss ABS, and the joints are made of wear-resistant POM material. Sprues K and L are fully pre-painted in gold.

▼ Some parts also have pre-painted color details, and the sprue gates are the commonly seen "hidden gates" design in domestic models.

▼ The POM joint parts have regular gates, and since the wrist joints don't have hidden gates, they are easier to handle.

▼ The wings, sword blade, alternative hands, alternative expressions (4 pre-painted + 4 blank), and fabric cloak are individually packaged. The "Sword of Solomon" features full color separation and pre-painting.

▼ The pre-order bonus version includes two types of light wings: regular transparent blue and iridescent coated transparent wings. The faceted details of the wings exhibit a diamond-like texture under the iridescent color, which is quite impressive.

▼ However, under a light background, the iridescent coating is less vibrant compared to the transparent blue wings.

▼ The water decals include various gold foil patterns and multiple eye expressions, allowing for DIY customization.

▼ Once assembled, you can form a complete light armor body and a knight body. The knight body has two forms, so there are also many interchangeable weapon accessories. The light armor body stands about 15.5 cm tall, and the knight body about 17 cm, both standard sizes for 1/12 mecha girls.

▼ Light Armor Form

▼ The light armor body features the full and detailed lines from the original artwork, embodying the style of artist "Don Juan." The abdomen details are segmented and colored, and on close inspection, you can see the muscle lines in the abdomen. The final product will have a matte finish on the skin parts.

▼ The plump thighs are very eye-catching, and the back view reveals a nice hip line. However, the neck joint and the separation at the crotch can look somewhat stiff, so you might consider pairing the body with a JK or maid outfit.

▼ There are four pre-painted alternative expressions, all with good makeup and expressions. The "crying face" and "smiling face" are the best. The default expression will also have makeup optimization in the final product. The hair also has detailed sculpting, enhancing the three-dimensional feel of the head sculpt.

▼ However, to change the expression, you need to remove the front three hair pieces first.

▼ The complete front bangs parts will come in two sets after optimization, with corrected hair tip details.

▼ ​​​​The shoulder joints can stretch forward, but the joints are tight during installation, so it’s recommended to apply some Vaseline or sand them down a bit. You can attach a joint cover at the shoulders or wrists to fill the gaps.

▼ The arm and thigh rotation shafts are 3mm, allowing for mix and match according to your preference.

▼ The thigh roots have side-down stretch joints to help pose with crossed legs, squatting, or closed legs.

▼ Both the light armor and knight bodies have the same joint structure, so you can mix and match to create a battle-damaged form.

▼ Knight Form / White Dragon Form

▼ The knight form features sharp armor designs with many angular changes, and even the molded colors are highly complete. Compared to the light armor form, the knight form has richer color separation, with transparent blue details transitioning between the white and gold, making it look especially elegant. It is recommended to reinforce the rib details on the sides of the chest armor.

▼By replacing the forearms, legs, and adding wings, you can change it into the White Dragon form.

▼ The legs of the two forms are quite different, with the White Dragon form being more slender and streamlined.

▼ The heels of the White Dragon form can also be equipped with a small light wing. ​​​​​​​

▼​​​​​​​ The knees have a linked expansion mechanism when bent at 90 degrees. The shoulder armor lifts sideways when the shoulders are raised.

▼ The forearm armor of the White Dragon form becomes larger dragon claws.

▼ The fabric cloak is divided into left and right segments with a battle-damaged design, and has embedded wires to create an anti-gravity floating effect, adding directionality to poses.

▼ The wings can be folded or extended in multiple segments, and the root joint can be adjusted forward and backward. Once extended, the upper and lower ends can secure the large light wings in place. (You can cosplay Destiny Gundam)

▼ The base stand can be freely assembled and disassembled. Looking forward to more Round Table Knights in the future.

▼ The joints are relatively tight, providing a good range of motion typical for 1/12 mecha girls, allowing various poses without much obstruction. Although the armor has many edges, the overall handling feels good.

Animester 1/12 White Dragon Knight Galahad Model Kit
Pictures updated.

Animester 1/12 White Dragon Knight Galahad
Pictures updated.
c/o 核金重构


Animester 1/12 White Dragon Knight Galahad

Pictures updated.



Animester 1/12 White Dragon Knight Galahad

Pictures updated.

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